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Welcome to the Splatter Studio

Get ready to dive into a one-of-a-kind artistic adventure at the Spatter Studio! Whether you’re looking to blow off some steam, celebrate a special occasion, or simply explore your creative side, our spatter paint experience is the perfect blend of art and excitement.

What to Expect

Suit Up For Fun

We highly recommend wearing clothes you don’t mind getting dirty! Before you unleash your creativity, gear up with our provided poncho, boot covers and goggles. This not only keeps you clean but also gets you into the spirit of messy, carefree fun!

The Experience

Step into our studio, where the walls are your canvas. Armed with an array of vibrant neon paints and a range of tools to fling, splash, and splatter, you’ll create a masterpiece that’s truly one-of-a-kind. The magic happens under the glow of black lights, making the neon colors pop and creating an electrifying atmosphere that will fuel your imagination.

Create and Collaborate

Whether you come alone for some therapeutic fun or bring a group of friends for an unforgettable experience, Spatter Studio is perfect for any occasion. With a maximum of six people in the studio at a time, you’ll have plenty of space to express yourself while enjoying the company of fellow artists.

Take Home Your Art

After your 45-minute session, you’ll leave with a piece of art that’s as unique as you are. Your masterpiece will be a vibrant reminder of the fun and creativity you experienced.


A Splatter Studio session is $24 and includes 45 minutes of painting and a 16×24 canvas of your masterpiece!

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Why You’ll Love It

  • Unleash Your Creativity: No rules, no boundaries. Just pure, unfiltered artistic expression.
  • Stress Relief: Forget the world for a while and let loose in a splash of color.
  • Unique Fun: Perfect for solo adventures, date nights, birthday parties, team-building events, bachelorettes, or any celebration.
  • Memorable Souvenir: Take home a colorful, custom-made artwork that you’ll cherish forever.

Book Your Session Today

Booking is easy:

  • Choose Your Time: We offer convenient session times throughout the day and evening.
  • Come Prepared: Wear comfortable clothes and be ready to have a blast!
  • Bring Friends: The more, the merrier! Share the joy of creating together.
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Splatter Studio Hours

Wed-Fri: 3pm-8pm

Sat: 11am-8pm

Sun: 11am-5pm

*Sessions are 45 minutes. Arrive at least 20 minutes early to suit up

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